January 11, 2021

Top 10 Most Expensive Condo Sales – 2020

Most Expensive Condo Sales 2020

Despite a very tumultuous year in the real estate market, the ultra-luxury condo market continued to see a solid and healthy level of activity. The most expensive condo sales in 2020 a significant increase from 2019 with more properties selling for over $2,000,000 and nearly double the number of condos sold over $5,000,000 than we saw in 2019. 

The top 10 most expensive condo sales for 2020 came in at an average of nearly $7,000,000, up over 10% from the top 10 sales of 2019. Even more fascinating is how quickly they have been selling, in 2020 the average days each of the top 10 sales was on the market was 36 which is significantly quicker than the 60 days that the top 10 took to sell in 2019. 

Two buildings stood out this year as the most popular in the top ten lists. The Four Seasons Toronto (BUILDING PROFILE) saw two of top ten the highest-priced sales and three suites at The Residences of The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto (BUILDING PROFILE) where the pricing for south-facing units has been increasing drastically over the past few years. 

Below is a brief summary of the top 10 most expensive sales in 2020. 

10: $5,999,000 – 33 Jackes Ave., Suite 704

9: $6,100,000 – 183 Wellington St W., Suite 4603 (Residence of The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto)

8: $6,200,000 – 50 Yorkville Ave., Suite 4602 (Four Seasons Residences)

7: $6,750,000 – 183 Wellington St W., Suite 4404 (Residence of The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto)

6: $6,800,000 – 80 Yorkville Ave., Suite 1602

5: $7,000,000 – 70 Avenue Rd., Penthouse 02

4: $7,100,000 – 2 Cheddington Pl., Penthouse 8B/9B

3: $7,100,000 – 50 Yorkville Ave., Suite 4401 (Four Seasons Residences)

2: $7,250,000 – 183 Wellington St W., Suite 4604 (Residence of The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto)

77 Charles Street Penthouse

1: $9,000,000 – 77 Charles St. W., Penthouse 01  (BUILDING PROFILE)

Coming in as the most expensive condo sale of 2020 the penthouse at 77 Charles St W. offered nearly 4,000 square feet with phenomenal views of the city. 77 Charles is situated just south of Yorkville proving a quiet retreat from the Bloor while still offering easy access to the great shops, restaurants and entertainment that the neighbourhood is known for. For more info on 77 Charles St street head over to the building page here

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